Adding an extra sink, relocating the dishwasher, or moving the refrigerator—these are all primary examples of why you’ll need an experienced kitchen renovation plumber on your side.

We start by examining your design plans to make sure they work with your existing water and gas plumbing. Then, once the kitchen is torn down, we’ll handle any new plumbing that needs to be run: hot water, cold water, gas, and sewer. Finally, once the rest of your project is complete, we’ll step in again to hook up the appliances, taps, and anything else that connects to your kitchen plumbing.


Operational plumbing is perhaps more important in your bathroom than anywhere else. That’s why you need a qualified bathroom renovation plumber to ensure that your shower gets hot water, your sink is leak proof, and your toilet is going to drain safely and securely.

Count on ALPHAbet Plumbing and Gas to make sure that your renovation plans take into account your existing plumbing. We’ll run new pipes where we need to and make all the fixture, water, and sewer connections once the time comes.

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  • Clogged sink

  • Blocked bath

  • Sink won’t empty

  • Blocked shower drain

  • Overflowing sink

  • Blocked sewer

  • Drains blocked by grease

  • Overflowing drain

  • Raw sewerage overflowing

  • Tree roots in the sewer

Toilet Emergency Plumbing Services

  • Toilet not filling up

  • Faulty cistern

  • Cracked toilet bowl

  • Water leaking in the toilet

  • Toilet not flushing

  • Cracked toiletHot Water Emergency Plumbing Services

  • Burst hot water system

  • No hot water

  • No pilot light on hot water system

  • Low hot water pressure

  • Hot water service gas leak

Gas Leak Emergency Plumbing Services

  • Gas leak in the home

  • Gas leak in the yard

  • Gas leaking from heating system

  • Gas leaking from oven or stove

Water Leaks Emergency Plumbing Services

  • Water leaking in the bathroom

  • Water leaking in the house

  • Water leaking in the kitchen

  • Burst pipes

  • Leaking pipes

Tap Repair Emergency Services

  • Changing washers on taps

  • Running taps

  • Water won’t turn off

  • Broken garden tap

  • Broken shower tap

  • Broken sink tap

  • Broken kitchen tap

  • Leaking shower tap

  • Leaking garden tap

  • Leaking sink tap

  • Leaking kitchen tap

The range of emergency plumbing services we offer include:

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